Terrazzo USA has been operating for well over 20 years with the goal of increasing our company’s visibility and overall growth. During this time, a team of experts have put forth tremendous energy in order to meet the expectations and requirements for noteworthy general contractors like Hensel Phelps and JE Dunn. With the help of our team, we have willingly traveled across the country in order to work with some of the finest contractors to help meet their diversity goal.

Our determination and diligence is seen through our attendance at many DBE workshops and programs made available for minority companies like ours. Working for respectable corporations like Conoco Phillips and DFW Airport have been part of Terrazzo USA’s mission: to assist in the use of the DBE program in order to aid government entities provide a level playing field for small, women, and minority owned businesses. We have had the privilege to do this by partnering with other terrazzo contractors to create joint ventures. We do all of this in order to seek out the wide range of opportunities available as well as to gain access to some of America’s most influential companies across the country.

POPS Restaurant – Oklahoma City, OK

pops soda flooring